The 9th CGC (Weihai) Expo Report
Facts and Figures

Exhibition Name: The 9th China (Weihai) Fishing Gear Manufacturing Center Expo
Exhibition Date: Oct. 15-17, 2016
Exhibition Venue: Weihai International Exhibition Center
Hosts: Weihai Sub-Council of China Council for Promotion of International Trade
          Weihai All-Sino Exhibition Co.,Ltd
Organizer: Weihai All-Sino Exhibition Co., Ltd

Show Schedule:




Show Opening

Oct. 15-16
Oct. 17


Show Dismantling

Oct. 17


Show Figures:
Exhibiting area: 34,000 sqm; standard booths: 1,669; exhibitors: 780 companies.
Exhibiting Area: Hall A, Hall B, Hall C, Exhibition Hall Tent Area, Retail Area and Yacht & Fishing Equipment Area


CGC Weihai 2016 Expo saw a total exhibitors of 780, 6% increased than last year and, not including co-exhibited companies who didní»t apply to the organizer.

The domestic exhibiting companies are from 18 provinces of China, such as, Anhui, Beijing, Shandong, Fujian, Guangdong, Hebei, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Jilin, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Liaoning, Shanxi, Shanghai, Sichuan, Tianjin, Zhejiang and etc. Compared with last year, 4 provinces were newly added to the list. The top 3 provinces where exhibitors are the most are Shandong, Hebei and Zhejiang.

15 overseas exhibiting companies are coming from 7 countries and district, such as, USA, Italy, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Japan and etc.

Due to the limited exhibiting area, many companies were on the waiting list of the show. In order to provide the exhibiting opportunity to more qualified companies, the organizer cut down the area of some large booths, thus, another 40 companies managed to exhibit at the show at last. However, there were still 430 companies failed to exhibit.

A booth of a USA company at CGC Weihai 2016 Expo

Yacht & Fishing equipment Area

Not only did companies who have been popular among buyers for many years, such as, Taiwan Yuto, Weihai Crony, Yantai Koking, Weihai Langbo and etc. exhibited the show, but also some newly rose companies exhibited the show, too. The exhibits can meet almost all the purchasing requirements. Many companies held their National Sales Agent Conferences at the show which were greatly welcomed by the buyers. In 2017, the organizer will provide more positive support for the companies who will hold their conferences at the show.

Weihai, as a famous fishing tackle manufacturing base, locates thousands of fishing tackle manufacturers with a full range of fishing tackle products. It is convenient for the buyers to visit the factories after the show. CGC Weihai Expo, is well known by almost every local people in Weihai, and has been gaining more and more attention by the world. Since 2008, this show has been being paid great attention by Shandong Province governments.

Mr. Lijiang and Mayor of Weihai City, Ms. Zhang Hui at CGC Weihai 2016 Expo

Mr. Lijiang and Vice Mayor of Weihai City Mr. Wang Guanghua at CGC Weihai 2016 Expo

Mr. Lijiang and Secretary Sun Shutao, Municipal Committee of the CPC at our show

Exhibitors Region Distribution


The 8 provinces that comes the most exhibitors




Shandong Province



Hebei Province



Zhejiang Province



Jiangsu Province



Canton Province



Anhui Province



Henan Province



Hunan Province



The total number of the buyers is 2,405, which includes 1,796 Chinese buyers from 960 companies from 19 provinces, 4 municipalities and 2 Autonomous Regions, and 609 overseas buyers from 296 companies and 56 countries and districts. The number of the overseas buyers is 15% increased than last yearí»s, and the number of companies was 29% increased, the number of countries and districts was 4% increased.

Russia, Korea and Malaysia ranked the top, second and third of the countries where buyers came from the most.

The organizer still provided interpreter and hotel booking services, and free shuttle buses between the appointed hotels and the exhibition center, in order to make the visit to the show easier and the communication more effective.

Buyers are enquiring of an exhibitor about the products.

Buyers are looking for suppliers and products at the show.

Buyers are talking with a Korean exhibiting company.

A buyer is looking at fishing rods at the show.

Buyers Interview

Mr. Joe Lampke
Manager Product Development & Sourcing Hardlines

Er, I think the show is great, this is the first time that I have been to the show, I normally be in CHINAFISH, and I havení»t really done the Weihai Show, because, I thought it was very small, but I realize now it is a very extensive show. So Ií»m very happy I can be at the show today. I have seen quite a few things, I have been working for more factories and I am looking for merchandise that could be suitable for our stores in United States. I feel good, I think there are a lot of advantages at the show, and I think people are having a good time here and so many products to see here. And I have recommended the show. I think all the shows, be a China Fish be a high care show in the United States, it is really use, so you see all the newness in the market, or new technology thatí»s coming out, and definitely influence the market, I thinkúČaround the world.
So far, I havení»t seen anything thatí»s been negative to me, so I think, so far so good, I think the show is great!

Mr. Jean Marcel Gondonneau Frank
Director General

I think it is a complete show, you can find everything here. To open a new store here, all that you need is here. The show is very good, very comfortable. The people are very friendly here. Probably, a little bit more information on the booth, the booths come different numbers, and ití»s not on rowed, also if you want to buy some of the series, they are not listed like A,B,C,D, E, F, G, are separated, ití»s difficult to find inside the place of the show.So far, ití»s good for me to see everything together, ití»s good for me.

Mr. Raul Soria Garcia
General Manager
Company: RHODANI PESCA S.L. (Spain)

Ií»ve visited the show before we are here. Ití»s a very good thing for us, because at the show, I can know a lot of supply.
The show is very nice, because the people made improvements, they make new products.
The show is very impressive for me.

Ms. Maria Roumpidou
Import Manager

Actually, it is my first time in this show, and I am amazed, ití»s different from other fishing tackle shows that I have attended in Europe previously. Ití»s impressive. There are a lot of things that someone in find of opportunities for business, for various businesses. I think ití»s quite big, with a lot people and a lot of manufacturers.
What I admire most is the number of products the show offers, I mean, there are so many things.
Actually, we are in the capital of Fishing techniques show, while there is 1 or 5 more items to buy in Weihai.
Maybe you should give more time to all sellers who do business, but I think, in generally, it is a very nice show.

Thank you for the above buyers who accepted the interviews of CGC Weihai 2016 Expo, your opinions and advices on the show will be taken great attention to, and by which our show will be improved in the next year.


The show attracted media such as, Angling Magazine, Chinafishing.Com, Fishing Man, Fishing Tackle World, Fishing World Channel, Outdoor Fishing, Strait Fishing Media, to report the show onsite. People will get the latest news of this show by video on TV and web, and stories and pictures on magazines and web.

CGC (Weihai) Expo 2017

It has been 9 years since CGC Weihai Expo was firstly held in 2008, and the exhibiting area was enlarged from initially 8,000 sqm to 34,300 sqm, from one exhibition hall to all halls and all exhibiting area inside and outside of the center.

On the last date of the show, all the booths for 2017 were sold out again.

However, according to the organizer, 2017 will still be a tense year for the organizer, in order to provide a better show for all the attendees. Every staff of the show team would like to meet the challenge and work together for it.

Thank you for the attending of our exhibitors and buyers of CGC Weihai 2016 Expo, we look forward to seeing you next year!

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